Cozy Warm Dog Mats

 $21.95 Cozy Warm Dog Mats

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New Soft Cozy Warm Dog Mats

Size information:

XS: Long 50cm Width 36cm High 2-4cm 
S: Long 60cm Width 45cm High 2-4cm 
M: Long 72cm Width 50cm High 2-4cm 
L: Long 89cm Width 56cm High 2-4cm 
XL: Long 105cm Width 68cm High 2-4cm 


  • Materials: high-grade environmental protection with polar fleece, environmental protection high elastic silk cotton
  • Emberglow with Bungee; Loganberry with Bungee.
  • Side with warm light, the other with sedate dark gray;

The protection level of household silk cotton is suitable for:

  • Indoor dog use
  • Pet cage mat use
  • Travel sedan, SUV, traveling use

Washing method:

Hand wash cold water & machine wash;
Hang out to dry.

This pet dog pad according to the principle of color engineering uses different colors to adorn a dog's life.Different colors stimulate visual and physical and mental health.

Red, reflect a dog of passion and vitality; 
Green - for dogs to create elegant, comfortable atmosphere. 
Yellow - give the dog, warmth, fashionable home; 
Blue - create a smooth, elegant, romantic atmosphere. 
Rice white -- let dogs have a relaxed sense; 

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